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Gaslight Playhouse, Inc. is Noble County's longest running community theatre. As all talent based organizations Gaslight Playhouse is always looking for new creative individuals to come and participate in productions whether it be on the stage, behind the stage, in the lighting area, doing sound, singing, dancing, playing music or sitting in the audience enjoying the production. Come and join our little troupe to keep up on what we are doing each season.


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C.T.W. Cast Announcment


Cast Announced for

Gaslight Playhouse, Inc.  Children's Theatre Workshop production of

“Dorothy in Wonderland – The Musical”



Gaslight Playhouse, Inc. Childrens’ Theatre Workshop Director Jo Drudge is pleased to announce the cast for the upcoming production of “Dorothy in Wonderland – The Musical” The worlds of Oz and Wonderland collide in this fantastically fun romp, cleverly and carefully adapted from the works of L. Frank Baum and Lewis Carroll. 


Dorothy Gale ( Katie White) has made her way to the end of the Yellow Brick Road, and the wonderful Wizard of Oz (Jaydin Tuttle) is just about to help her get back home to Kanas. But before she can hop into the wizard’s balloon, another whirlwind appears over the Emerald City, sweeping Dorothy, Toto (Finn McCord), Scarecrow (Kyler Corbin), Tin Man (John Housholder), and Lion (Connor Lewis) away to Wonderland. Equipped with their new assets – brains, heart, and courage – Dorothy’s friends try to help her find her way home, meeting many other interesting characters along the way, including Alice (Molly McCord), the White Rabbit (Izzy Brown), Mad Hatter (Samuel Updike), March Hare (Kolton Hunt), the Cheshire Cat One, (Journey Speakman), Two (Saiydee DeLauter), and Three (Alexa Ramsey), and many more. They also must face a dangerous new foe – the Queen of Hearts (AnnaBella Brown)! Dorothy and Alice team up to defeat the queen at croquet, but will that be enough to return Wonderland to normal? And how will they ever get back home to Kansas and to London? Other members of the cast include: Katie Peters, Ann Hutcherson, Brooke Manns, Lilian Garcia, Adeline Fitzharris, Ameera Gulley, Lexi Owens, Claire Replogle, Chloe Zuehsow, Macy Blackman, Erin Blackman, Aidan Derry, Reece Bradley, Mercy Allen, MacKenzie DeLauter, Megan Stein, Hanneliese Brandgard, Addison Hampshire, Emily Ramsey, Madison Butler, Riley Fitzharris, Ethan Owens, and Gabe McCord.


“Dorothy in Wonderland – The Musical” will be presented July 22 and 23 at 7:00 pm on the Munk Stage in Cole Auditorium, East Noble High School. Tickets are $3.00 per person and will be available at the door 45 minutes before each performance. For additional information, please check out Gaslight Playhouse, Inc.’s website – gaslightplayhouse75.com, email – gaslightplayhouse@msn.com, or call – 260-347-3995.


This performance in presented in part by a gift grant awarded to Jo Drudge by the DEKKO Foundation as a part of their celebration of 35 years in service to the community..


Gaslight Playhouse, Inc. has been presenting over 40 years of quality community theatre performances. We are proud of our legacy and are looking forward to continue providing excellence in community theatre for many years to come.

Gaslight Playhouse, Inc. Childrens’ Theatre Workshop

“Dorothy in Wonderland – The Musical”

Full Cast List




DOROTHY – Katie White

TOTO – Finn McCord

SCARECROW – Kyler Corbin

LION – Connor Lewis

TIN MAN – John Housholder

WIZARD – Jaydin Tuttle

GLINDA – Katie Peters




ROSE –Ann Hutcherson                            

TIGER LILY – Brooke Manns                       

TULIP –Lilian Garcia                                    

FLOWERS:  Adeline Fitzharris, Ameera Gulley, Lexi Owens, Claire Replogle, Chloe Zuehsow

CATERPILLAR – Macy Blackman

HUMPTY DUMPTY – Erin Blackman

KING OF HEARTS – Aidan Derry

PAWN – Reece Bradley

ROOK – Mercy Allen

KNIGHT – MacKenzie DeLauter

TWEEDLE DEE – Megan Stein

TWEEDLE DUM – Hanneliese Brandgard

ALICE – Molly McCord

MAD HATTER – Samuel Updike

MARCH HARE – Kolton Hunt

DORMOUSE – Addison Hampshire

FROG FOOTMAN – Emily Ramsey

FISH FOOTMAN – Madison Butler

CHESHIRE CAT ONE – Journey Speakman

CHESHIRE CAT TWO – Saiydee DeLauter


QUEEN OF HEARTS – AnnaBella Brown

FIVE – Riley Fitzharris

SEVEN – Ethan Owens




MacKenzie DeLauter, Megan Stein, Hanneliese Brandgard, Journey Speakman, Saiydee DeLauter, Alexa Ramsey, Riley Fitzharris, Ethan Owens, Gabe McCord



Adeline Fitzharris, Ann Hutcherson, Brooke Manns, Lilian Garcia, Macy Blackman, Claire Replogle, Emily Ramsey



Ameera Gulley, Chloe Zuehow, Erin Blackman, Lexi Owens, Madison Butler, Hanneliese Brandgard, Megan Stein



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