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Gaslight Playhouse, Inc. is Noble County's longest running community theatre. As all talent based organizations Gaslight Playhouse is always looking for new creative individuals to come and participate in productions whether it be on the stage, behind the stage, in the lighting area, doing sound, singing, dancing, playing music or sitting in the audience enjoying the production. Come and join our little troupe to keep up on what we are doing each season.


Thank you to everyone who attended the Dine & Donate at the Kendallville Applebee's on May 1, 2016.

All day starting at 11:00 am until close, you will be able to donate 10% of your eligible receipts collected (not including tax or gratuity)to Gaslight Playhouse, Inc. Please remember that a printed flyer needs to be submitted with each paid check/tab as this is the way we track your sales - OR they will accept flyers shown via a mobile device. So PLEASE come and Dine & Donate.

Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoied "The Giver".

Cast of "The Giver" (photo by Terry Householder)

Gaslight Playhouse's founding father and his beautiful bride were on the Today show honoring their years of teaching those of us who had the privilege to learn form them. Thank you Craig and Karen!! Thank you Ricky Criswell for nominating them!! ‪#‎applaudmyteacher‬

Coming in April

Childrens' Theatre Workshop            Date Change

Gaslight Playhouse, Inc. is making plans for this year’s Children’s Theatre Workshop. The workshop is offered each summer for students grades 2 through 8 during the upcoming (2016-2017) school year. Due to scheduling conflicts this year, the workshop will begin the week of June 13 with the final production on July 22 and 23, 2016. The full schedule for the workshop can be found here on the CTW page. 

Jo Drudge, director, will be giving notice to the public, especially the schools soon, on dates for registration and the selection of the production. Interested participants are encouraged to continue to check back here as well as Gaslight Playhouse, Inc.’s Facebook page, for updates. Please direct any questions or concerns to Jo Drudge at jdrudge@ligtel.com, gaslightplayhouse@msn.com, via phone 260-347-3995 or sending a message on our website www.gaslightplayhouse75.com.

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