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Gaslight Playhouse, Inc.

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About Us

Gaslight Playhouse, Inc. is Noble County's longest running community theatre. We are always looking for new talent to participate in the organization. We offer opportunities to be on the stage, behind the scenes (lighting, sound, orchestra, etc.), or sitting in the audience enjoying the production. Come and join our troupe, and keep up with what we have going on each season!

Gaslight Playhouse's Mission Statement

The mission of this organization shall be:
     >    Present a wide range of theatrical productions, striving for premium quality.
     >    Provide a hands-on learning approach in all aspects of theatre
production and management;
     >    Offer educational experiences in all aspects of theatre for youth and

Adopted January 9, 2006

History of Gaslight Playhouse Inc. 


1975- East Noble Theatre director, Craig Munk, partners with the EN Theatre alumni to create, Kendallville Summer Theatre.

1976- Craig Munk, president of KST, and Sandi Fischer, the president of the Tri-Kappa, partner to bring audiences, "Sing it Again Sam." This is a tribute to the bicentennial of the United States. This partnership lasts many more years.


1977- Kendallville Summer Theatre, and the Tri-Kappa produce the variety show, "Gaslight Varieties." This is a huge hit among local audiences.


1978- Kendallville Summer Theatre adopts the name, Gaslight Playhouse, and continues to produce their famous variety show, "Gaslight Varities."


1982- Gaslight Playhouse becomes an incorporated organization, and they turn their planning committee into a board of directors. 


1995- Gaslight Playhouse Inc. produces its variety Anniversary Show to celebrate 20 Years of Gaslight Playhouse Inc. 


2015- Gaslight Playhouse Inc. becomes a member of the Kendallville Chamber of Commerce. 


2016- Gaslight Playhouse Inc. is recognized at the Kendallville Mayor's Breakfast for 40 years of service as Kendallville's Community Theatre.


2017- Gaslight Playhouse Inc. reforms their board of directors, and reforms their theatre season.


Today- Gaslight Playhouse, Inc. performs in various venues throughout the community.

We maintain a membership in the Indiana Community Theatre League (ICTL).

Gaslight Playhouse, Inc. is an active member of the American Association of Community Theatre (AACT) and the Kendallville Chamber of Commerce.

Gaslight Playhouse, Inc. has produced over 150 productions since 1975.